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An in-depth Fact Check performed by researchers at investigated the conspiracy theory put forward by several individuals, including politicians, that Dr. Anthony Fauci gave scientists, including Dr. Andersen, grants worth $9 million to alter the scientific narrative on how the COVID-19 pandemic started. As outlined in this Fact Check, such allegations are unfounded and, in fact, impossible given well-known facts. Read the full fact check here:

These conspiracy theories have been countered multiple times – for more background information, these in-depth podcasts and articles should be helpful for those wishing to obtain more background information:

Interview with Worobey, Andersen & Holmes: The Lab Leak
Decoding the Gurus (podcast), March 2023

Is The COVID Lab Leak Hypothesis Dead? With Kristian Andersen, Mike Worobey & Philipp Markolin
Bad Boy of Science (podcast), July 2022

Scientist Opens Up About His Early Email to Fauci on Virus Origins
New York Times, June 2021