Projects & Data

Zika virus Phylogeography

Phylogeographical analysis of Zika virus spread.

West Nile virus Genomics

West Nile virus sequences from California (and beyond).

HLA Typing from Ebola and Lassa Patients

HLA genotype calls from Ebola and Lassa patients admitted in Sierra Leone.

Zika Florida Genomics

Sequence data from the Zika virus outbreak in Florida – mostly local cases from humans and mosquitoes, but also some travel-associated cases.

Zika Case Numbers

We’re compiling Zika case numbers from endemic countries. Our data is based on bar graphs reported and compiled by PAHO.

Dengue Florida Genomics

Full-length dengue virus genomes from the 2013 outbreak in Martin County, Florida.


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PAHO Zika numbers

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Data here. Permanent Andersen Lab project link is here. Most epidemiological investigations of Zika virus during the current epidemic in the Americas requires temporal human case data. The only place to gather this information is is from the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), an arm of the World Health Organization. They present Zika virus case numbers in two ways: spreadsheets of…

Zika sequences from Miami mosquitoes

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Data here. Protocol here. Three pools of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes collected in Miami Beach on August 22nd and 23rd, 2016, were found to be infected with Zika virus. Through our collaborators, Scott Michael and Sharon Isern from Florida Gulf Coast University, we recently received samples of these mosquitoes for sequencing using our amplicon-based protocol for MiSeq. (more…)

Zika sequence from local Florida transmission

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Data here. Protocol here. In collaboration with Dr. Diogo Magnani in the Watkins Laboratory in the Dept. of Pathology at the University of Miami's Miller School of Medicine, we recently received plasma and saliva from two people with Zika virus infections living in the Miami area. Using our amplicon-based approach previously used to sequence Zika virus from travel-related Zika virus cases in…