Outsmarting Emerging Pathogens in an Interconnected World
Talk: Virtual Front Row, 2020
Kristian Andersen

Outsmarting Outbreaks: Using Genomics to Track Viruses
Talk: Scripps Research, Front Row, 2019
Kristian Andersen

Uncovering Hidden Zika Outbreaks
Abstract: Cell (journal), 2019
Andersen Lab and colleagues

Genomic Epidemiology – Zika Virus
Talk: Future of Genomic Medicine, 2017
Kristian Andersen

San Diego Lab Takes ‘Open Science’ Approach
Interview: KPBS, 2017
Nate Grubaugh

The 2014 Ebola Outbreak & The Risk Of Future Pandemics
Talk: EMBL, Science and Society, 2015
Kristian Andersen

Background on Our Papers and Projects


How Zika Conquered The Americas
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How Ebola Adapted To Us
The Atlantic, November 2016

Genetic Sleuthing
Harvard Gazette, September 2015

Viral Evolution – The History Of Lassa virus
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De Slår Ebola Og Lassa Ihjel
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Ebola: Jagten På Patient Zero I Sierra Leone
Politiken [Danish], September 2014


Ebola Outbreak Strains Sequenced
The Scientist, August 2014

Commentaries on Papers and Scientific Topics


The President and the Plague
Rolling Stone, April 2020


Tyst og Balstyrisk
Weekendavisen [Danish], March 2020


Looking to the Genome to Track and Treat the New Coronavirus
NPR Science Friday (podcast), March 2020


How To Track And Stop The Spread Of The Coronavirus Outbreak
NPR Science Friday (podcast), January 2020


Coronavirus Outbreak: How Scared Should You Be?
Gimlet Media – ScienceVS (podcast), January 2020


The Next Plague Is Coming. Is America Ready?
The Atlantic, July 2018 (on background)

The Ebola Questions
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Obituary – Sheik Humarr Khan
The Lancet, August 2014