Zika case numbers from PAHO

UPDATE: Data is now available through 2017 epidemiological week 21 (May 21st). Data here.


Caribbean Central America South America

Screenshots of the PAHO bar graphs containing Zika virus cases by epidemiological week were taken from 41 countries in the Americas. Each screenshot was manually uploaded into the Web Plot Digitizer and data for Zika virus cases (confirmed and suspected) by epidemiological week was extracted from the graphs. The values acquired from the Web Plot Digitizer were recorded and compiled in three .csv files (Caribbean, South America, Central America).

Read more about the data and our analysis via this blog post.

Preprocessing Data

See plot_case_numbers.py for preprocessing .csv files.

Disclaimer. This data is available with permission from PAHO for educational use only.

Source. PAHO - Countries and territories with autochthonous transmission in the Americas reported in 2015-2017

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